Can the Law of Rhythm of Life Lead Us to Justice?

This article delves into the notion of a universal rhythm in life, from natural cycles to personal experiences and the rise and fall of empires. The author asserts that this rhythm holds the promise of justice, even in the face of oppression. She finds hope in the idea that justice will eventually prevail, as it is an integral part of this cosmic rhythm. In essence, the article explores the connection between life's rhythm and the inevitability of justice.


Majda EL Bermaki

10/28/20232 min read

Have you ever looked at the world and wondered if it follows a timeless beat? I have. It's as if every sunrise and sunset, every breeze that rustles the leaves, whispers the secrets of the universe. A rhythm, gentle yet powerful, guides our lives. It's this rhythm that holds the promise of justice, even in the darkest of times.

In the quiet moments of early autumn, I contemplate the mysterious rhythm of life. The world, like a grand orchestra, follows a pattern orchestrated by the Law of Rhythm. Seasons change, the moon waxes and wanes, and even our breath moves to this hidden music. The universe itself adheres to this ancient law. Nothing remains still; everything flows harmoniously.

As I navigate my days, I seek this rhythm in simple things, in the subtle patterns I hadn't noticed before. The birds, known in my city as "Tibibit," that visit our kitchen early in the morning, wake us with their beautiful sound, a rhythm of life untouched by chaos. I've also observed patterns within myself.
There are days when inspiration surges through me, making my spirit soar. Creativity flows effortlessly, words pour from my pen, and pages fill with untold stories. It's like catching a wave and riding it to the fullest.

But the wisdom of the Law of Rhythm reminds me that nothing lasts forever. Inspiration eventually slows down. In the past, I used to fight it, thinking I'd done something wrong. I saw the slowdown as an enemy, a thief robbing my creativity. Now, I see it differently. It's the way of life. The rest, the pause, is just as vital as the creative rush. I've found peace in letting go, and understanding that both are necessary.

This rhythm isn't limited to me; it's part of the world's fabric. Empires rise and fall, like the sun and the moon, following their unique rhythm. They believed their power was eternal, but they too met their decline.

This brings a ray of hope. Even the darkest shadows of oppression and cruelty are not exempt from the universal rhythm. They may seem relentless, but the rhythm deeply connects with justice.

Throughout history, we've seen the powerful oppress the vulnerable. However, we've also seen the tides change. As time flows, so does the fate of those who once spread cruelty. The oppressed rise, their voices growing louder with each beat of the rhythm.

In this dance of life, as sure as the sun rises, justice too will shine. The shadows of injustice may seem long, but the rhythm promises that they will eventually fade into the past. The cycle continues, like an eternal heartbeat.

So, can the rhythm of life lead us to justice? I believe it can. With each passing moment, we little closer to the justice we long for. The rhythm of life whispers that the world is not static, and the oppressive forces, no matter how strong, are not beyond its reach. As we rise and fall, we align with the grand rhythm, each heartbeat echoing the inevitability of justice.

And it is in this belief that we find solace, knowing that eventually, everything will be balanced as Allah has planned. In His divine wisdom, everything will follow this sacred law, and justice will prevail!