Is Having No Plan the Secret to a Fulfilling Life?

Discover the profound wisdom in surrendering to life's unpredictability. In a world that prioritizes meticulous planning and goal-setting, this article invites you to explore the liberating idea that, perhaps, having no plan might be the best plan of all. The author shares a personal journey that led to this revelation and explains how embracing the unknown can lead to a life filled with wonder and an authentic connection with the present moment.


Majda EL Bermaki

10/27/20233 min read

In a world that thrives on meticulous planning and goal-setting, it's become increasingly rare to find individuals who champion the notion of surrendering to the chance of life's unpredictable current. As a society, we have been conditioned to believe that having a meticulously outlined plan is the key to success and happiness. Yet, in the pursuit of our plans, we often find ourselves swimming against the natural flow of life, inadvertently causing our own suffering.

Have you ever stopped to contemplate the profound wisdom that lies in the spontaneous, unscripted moments of existence? It is in these moments, without elaborate strategies and predetermined paths, that we truly live. We immerse ourselves in the pure essence of life, connecting with the world around us, and uncovering the unexplored dimensions of our own selves. It's in these moments that we understand that life, at its core, is about being in the moment, fully living the present.

The conventional wisdom tells us that we should plan for our future, set goals, and strive towards them. While having goals is undoubtedly essential and can provide direction, it's when we grip too tightly to these plans that the trouble begins. We become so fixated on the future, the destination, that we forget to appreciate the journey itself. In our relentless pursuit of plans, we go against the natural flow of life.

This resistance to life's organic rhythm is where the roots of suffering find nourishment. We become frustrated when things don't go as we intended, anxious about what lies ahead, and disappointed when our meticulously constructed plans unravel. It's in these moments that we often find ourselves questioning why life is so tough, so unyielding, and so challenging.

However, perhaps it's time to shift our perspective. Instead of pointing fingers at life's inherent complexities, let's look inwards. We are the architects of our own hardships, and the plans we make often unintentionally manifest the hardships we experience. By trying to seize control of life's changes and flows, we resist the inherent beauty of its unpredictability.

Personal Journey:
For me, this realization struck during a pivotal moment post the 2020 pandemic, the infamous COVID-19. Surprisingly, it lingered with me as I marked my 28th birthday in June 2023, triggering a profound shift in perspective during my late twenties. For most of my twenties, I was a dedicated control enthusiast. I had meticulously mapped out my career, my relationships, and my personal growth. However, life had a different script in mind. Nothing unfolded as I had foreseen after I graduated from architecture school. The pandemic hijacked more than two years of my life, leading me to my 28th birthday. This unexpected twist in my journey left me pondering the validity of my inflexible path. It was a time of chaos and ambiguity, yet it also presented me with a valuable revelation.

So, what's the remedy for this self-inflicted confusion? In my humble opinion, It's the art of living without a rigid plan. Yes, the control freak within me, though somewhat subdued, endorsed this idea!

Choosing the path of having no plan does not mean aimless wandering or a lack of ambition. I could never abandon my dreams, goals, and aspirations. Instead, it means relinquishing our attachment to a pre-determined script and embracing the unknown with an open heart. It entails having faith that life's journey will unveil its unique wonders when we allow it. It means living each day without rigid expectations and surrendering to the present moment.

When we release the need to control every facet of our lives, we grant ourselves the gift of freedom and spontaneity. We open ourselves to unexpected opportunities and experiences that emerge when least expected. We learn to appreciate the beauty of life as it unfolds, rather than ceaselessly striving for some future ideal. I found myself experiencing the best moments and opportunities when doing so.

Living without a plan is not synonymous with complacency or recklessness; it's about recognizing that life is a dance, and some of the most exquisite moves occur when we let go and allow the music of existence to guide us.

In a world consumed by meticulously crafted plans and goals, I invite you to contemplate the liberating concept that, in fact, having no plan might be the best plan of all. It's a path that leads to a life filled with wonder and an authentic connection with the present moment. So, the next time you're tempted to outline your future, consider the possibility of simply allowing life to unfold. You might discover that the most extraordinary moments emerge when you least expect them, within the beautiful and planless tapestry of existence.